Sunday, February 20, 2011

Graduating Gr12 Girls/Missing Prom Because Can't Afford A Dress?

The Prom Blitz was created in an effort to help young women attend their prom who would not be able to finance the experience on their own. Prom is a significant milestone in the life for young woman.

The 2011 Boutique Days will be held this spring - locations will be announced shortly.

We welcome all high school girls who are in financial need of a prom dress. No proof of financial need is required, just a valid high school ID. Simply attend the event and walk out with a dress and accessories that you love — we do appreciate a donation to keep our program running next year!

Please note: Dress Giveaways are on a first come, first served basis. So get there early to make sure you get a dress! Also, due to space limitations in the boutique, you are allowed to bring just one person with you into the boutique.

Referrals for the 2011 Boutique Days can also be submitted by teachers, guidance counsellors, church clergy or social service agency officials.

Graduates: Please see the requirements below:
Student ID REQUIRED. If you have lost your school ID, then a letter from a teacher or principal must be brought with you.
Students may only obtain a dress at one boutique (no exchanges)
Volunteers will serve as personal shoppers for the students attending the boutiques
Each student will be asked to wait until a volunteer personal shopper becomes available before she can begin shopping. Please plan accordingly (i.e. bring something to read, don't make other appointments for that afternoon)
Each student will be permitted to bring one person (i.e. a parent, aunt, etc.) with them into the boutique to help them shop with the volunteer
No children, please try to arrange babysitting as our space is limited and can't have them running through the dresses or makeshift changerooms

More information or inquiries, email us at the right-hand side of the email section. Our website is:
We're also on Facebook:

Special Note: Gowns are only available on our annual Boutique Days. We are not able to provide gowns to any girls at any time other than at the Boutique Days Allocated in April. Please plan accordingly so that you don't miss out on this special event."

Wanted: Volunteers Needed for The Prom Blitz Project

About Prom Blitz:The Prom Blitz is a 100% volunteer-run organization. The Prom Blitz (previously known as "Ballroom Blitz" was created in an effort to help young women attend their prom who would not be able to finance the experience on their own. Prom is a significant milestone in the life of a young woman and you can help create this priceless memory.

Who Is A Prom Blitz Volunteer?
She is a woman who understands the importance of:

celebrating bodies of all sizes
creating a respectful and fun atmosphere for the girls we serve
honouring diversity
demonstrating confidentiality
taking on any job, large or small, with a smil

Placement/"Job" Positions Needed:
Boutique Set Up: Receive incoming dress donations, sort, and prepare appropriate dresses to be entered into inventory. Preparation includes: hang on plastic hangars, check for stains, cleanliness, rips, etc. Steam, if necessary. Tag with size and enter into collection. All inappropriate, distressed dresses will be discarded.

Volunteer Check in: Check in volunteers as they enter for shifts. Assign job responsibilities and give brief overview of job assignments.

Registration: Welcome students, check high school I.D.'s. Provide registration forms to girls to fill out. Introduce student to a Personal Shopper.

Personal Shoppers & Assistants:
Personal Shopper: Assist girls in dress selection.

Attendants: Assigned two dressing rooms. Returning unwanted gowns to the proper racks and keeping dressing rooms clutter free.

Accessories: Help to organize and run the accessories table

Phone Call Help & Drivers: To help call retail and manufacturers for gown donations, drive to drop-off locations for gown pickups. Drivers to help move gowns from storage facility to boutique location, and return after boutique days.

Please email us at the right hand side of this page and note if you are a student needing volunteer hours (or not a student), what you're interested in volunteering for and if you have or haven't volunteered for us before.

Our "Boutique Days" are usually a few days in April and other hours would be in March. We are just formalizing with the Committee and those that contact us will be updated and a meeting will be set.

Join us on Facebook:

Prom Blitz Facebook Page

Prom Blitz Website


The Prom Blitz Project (previously known as "The Ballroom Blitz") promotes self-confidence and individual beauty by providing free prom dresses and accessories to grade 12 high school girls who cannot otherwise afford them. Our effort is made possible through invaluable volunteer, donor and community support.

YOU can help to ensure that this year's graduating girls who face financial difficulties can enjoy their high school prom as much as you did!

The Prom Blitz Project (previously known as "The Ballroom Blitz") was created in an effort to help these young women attend their prom to help give them the confidence to have their "once in a lifetime" high school graduation prom experience.

Prom is a significant milestone in the life of a young woman and you can help create this priceless memory.

We are in need of gowns to donate FREE to the girls graduating grade 12 this year. Is your closet full of special occasion dresses that you will never wear again? Remember how beautiful you looked and felt great when you were wearing it; you will feel even better sharing it!!!

We particularly are in need of new or nearly new gowns in EXCELLENT condition in all fabrics, sizes, and colours that meet our Donation Guidelines.
New or gently used formal dresses~ all sizes, colors, styles- from 2005 and newer.

Dresses should be dry cleaned.

The Prom Blitz Project is a 100% volunteer organization. For more information click on the right-hand side and email us or feel free to drop off your dress at any of the following participating Sponsors:

Kozlov Mall - Administration Office on the Lower Level by the Food Court
Any RE/MAX Chay Realty Inc, Brokerage Real Estate Office located in: Barrie (on Bayfield/Wellington & Fairview Road)
Innisfil, Alliston, Angus or Tottenham

Gowns can be mailed by post or courier any time to our office: Prom Blitz Project (Ballroom Blitz), 7414 County Rd 56, Utopia ON, L0M 1T0, (705)309-3007

You can also host your own community dress drive! Get your friends, business/work colleagues, acquaintances and create a challenge!!

We also accept monetary donations, gift certificates, accessories and/or other sponsorship opportunities available.

Prom Blitz Website, click here